gen2I started training with Caroline three years ago as I wasn’t progressing with the trainer I had been using for the previous three years. Over this time Caroline has helped me through so much and I now count her firmly as a friend as well as mentor, coach and counsellor. Caroline guided me through my first BE events on three different horses, helped me deal with a serious confidence knock following an incident with a young horse, and was instrumental in helping me find my new perfect horse – in fact she wouldn’t let me buy him until she’d been able to meet and ride him!

Caroline is extremely experienced with a wealth of knowledge, and I turn to her with many different questions from saddles to bits, to what creams to use on lumps and bumps. Caroline always has time for me and my questions, and I never feel stupid asking them – even though they probably are stupid questions.

Training with Caroline should not be under-estimated, as I found out when I first started attending her clinics, they’re hard-work! Having ridden for many years, and attended plenty of training clinics over that time, I happily entered myself for the arena eventing “90” group – and found myself attempting to ride curving lines, dog-legs, angled triples, a double of corners – training that was far more complex than I had ever been exposed to, and well advanced of my ability at that time.

Cross-country training with Caroline is also very different from my previous experiences and once warmed up, you’re nearly always jumping several fences at a time, rather than one fence at a time. This has really helped me learn how to set up for a fence, the different types of canter I need to be able to produce for cross-country, how to tackle different types of fences and the importance of what happens between fences.

I think very highly of Caroline and have been grateful for her help and guidance over the past three years, she has really helped improved my ability and confidence, and I’m really excited to see how I progress under her guidance with my newest horse, Flash.

Gen Moore Testimonial