It was both mine and Vince’s first Advanced at Burnham Market today Vince did a really lovely test only spoilt by me fluffing one of his flying changes  So we were really disappointed to get a 39.4 and then confused when we got the sheet back, one judge mainly pointed out what he didn’t like about his confirmation!? ( I’m not going to saw some of his back legs off to make him less crop high 😂). But after his surprise good score last time i guess it evens out.


He then jumped a fab clear show jumping  followed by an ALMOST clear xc… he jumped so boldy over the first element of 15 the second element slipped by  he jumped through the trickiest combinations on the course (end of the video ⬇️⬇️) so easily, around a course identical to the 3 star…. so although very slightly frustrated with our first genuine mistake 20pens I am thrilled with how confidently he stepped up to this level! So much love for this dude 

MASSIVE thanks to Burnham Market International Horse Trials for a fantastic event where the going was amazing! Thank you thank you thank you 

Y x

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