Vince and Yvie were in the AI (both their first attempts at this level) and it’s safe to say Vince was bouncing off the walls …. 15 going on 5 

The dressage was intermittently explosive with marks ranging from 8 to 3 and they had to restart two movements due to some tantrums  however our aim for this test was to not baby him and put up with his tantrums even if it meant losing marks in the process… somehow he still managed a 32.9 (note to self to never complain about dressage judges ever again ).

He show jumped great in sticky conditions to just rub one pole! However Vince completely flipped his lid in the cross country warm up, meaning we didn’t actually get to warm up but luckily we got him to start (thank you Chris Kirby!). But despite a hairy start they finished clear with 12 time to come 4TH  he may be an idiot at times but has the heart of lion and we wouldn’t trade him for the world #oneinamillion 

MASSIVE thank you to Tweseldown for a fab event and all your hard work, the going was perfect even being last of the day 

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