Teaming up with EquiLaterals

We are delighted to announce that we are teaming up with EquiLaterals . I became very interested in gait analysis last year when a couple of clients came for lessons and, in my opinion, their horses weren’t moving ‘quite right’, it was subtle but definitely there. I’m not a vet so I wouldn’t even begin to diagnose and with a subtle change, it was also hard to suggest a full lameness work up. We will be doing baseline gait analysis on all our horses pre season so that, should we perceive a change we will have something to compare with.
As for the riders, I come across obvious unbalanced riding and also the less obvious which only manifests in the way the horse goes (who made who wonky first!) so again this is so much more detailed than my naked eye!

LucyAnna Westaway from Equilaterals will be at some of my clinics should you wish to talk to her or book an assessment for either your horse, yourself or both!

Dates so far are;

10th March SJ a course

18th March Simulated XC
More Dates to Follow

EquiLaterals use the latest technology to assess the biomechanics and physiology of movement and use this to enhance both horse and riders’ welfare and performance. It can be applied from beginners through to world-class athletes.

Further details can be found on Equilaterals website.


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